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We know you're a Mech Master?

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We know you're a Mech Master? 26.09.2021 07:03

img-2021-09-26-07-14-49 If you are a big fan of fantastic fighting RPGs #NFTGames in your life, but you do not earn anything, then I want to inform you that your finest hour has come #PlayToEarn. You will be able to realize all your abilities and ambitions in the strategic turn-based game Mech Master. 

#NFTgaming just breaks into our computers and gadgets, without having time to start, its popularity is growing exponentially. Social media counters are simply breaking records from the influx of new users on #mechmaster. 

The salvation of the human race will begin with the exploration of the moon.  On this planet, using the knowledge and skills of the best scientists and brave military, you will have to create giant machines-combat robots. In order to be successful, it will be necessary to develop new areas on the moon to create a resource base and develop infrastructure.  To create your own robots, you will need MECH tokens, which will help you get the best 6 component parts for a new combat vehicle. The rarer each detail is, the more powerful the robot will turn out. You will also be able to get all the necessary knowledge from additional sources from social networks. And also using social networks https://twitter.com/MechMaster_IO and telegrams https://t.me/MechMaster_Official you will be aware of all the tournaments and guild battles, platform improvements. Perhaps the game is just breathtaking. There will be giant cannons, huge swords that can hit the enemy and his protective screens at a distance of hundreds of thousands of light-years. The game is a cross-network game and combines all the top blockchains BSC, ETH and others.  Already this year, after the release of the game # mecha, you will already see your 3D mechs, will start buying and selling unique NFT items on the #NFTMarketplace markets . 

In general, the reason for the appearance of this game was the sorcery of hostile forces on the planet earth. Therefore, humanity had to send an SOS signal to friendly mega robots. And the first planet where they were able to move through the portal was the moon. On the eve of global battles with such alien predators as SHAPESHIFTER, ALIEN will have to work very hard.  Don't waste your time, my friend, but quickly pack your things and go through this portal https://mechmaster.io/# / in a new era of the meta universe, which will change your life once and for all. 

For this release, the original sources were also used https://www.facebook.com/mechmaster.io


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